Caribsea Dry Aragonite Flamingo Reef (1.00-2.00mm)

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Size: 6.8kg
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CaribSea Seaflor Aragonite Dry Sands are great for new tanks or adding sand to currently established tanks. Flamingo sand is great for all types of tanks and is by far the most recommended type of sand for a reef tank.

Selecting the right sand: When choosing the right substrate for your tank, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

How much flow will be in the tank?
Aquariums with high amounts of water movement will require sand with a larger grain size. Smaller particles can be blown around easily.

What kind of inhabitants will you be keeping?
Many species do require particular types of sand, like gobies, jawfish, and wrasses. Fish and invertebrates that like to burrow or sift through the sand will do best with smaller particle sizes.

Will it be for a refugium or deep sandbed?
Sand that will be used for filtration or refugium, we suggest using smaller particles that will give bacteria more surface area to grow and thrive on.

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