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A fresh source of nutrients can really make the difference to coral nutrition, colouration and health. From our studies we have clearly seen that the concept to feed corals with the fish wastes is conceptually wrong. In nature, our corals absorb from water a quantity of elements like minerals, vitamins and amino acids and they can also prey food like phytoplankton, zooplankton and bacterioplankton.

The Oceanlife line of coral foods from Italy is specifically designed and tested to give the best result in terms of growth, colouration and health. Healthy corals will moreover better fight the threat of many pests. Nutrition is therefore a key element for successful coral growth and health.

Oceanlife Coral Food Powder is an optimal nourishment for SPS, LPS, soft and filter feeders. It made ​​with a high protein content of marine origin, containing water-soluble proteins of high quality hydrolyzed and HUFA of marine origin, as well as a proprietary blend of seaweed, essential oils and immunostimulating agents. And ' prepared through a sophisticated technology that allows low temperature to preserve the excellent quality of raw materials used.

The size is suitable to interact directly with the coral polyps and to provide nourishment to the entire aquarium system. It can be used in various ways, even with the addition of AMIN EXTRA Powder, depending on the species of coral that you want to feed: hydrated with aquarium water and sprayed directly on coral polyps and SPS LPS or released directly into the water to simulate the presence Zooplankton, or dissolved in water.


Prepare 3 or 4 times a week a solution with sea water and 2-3 teaspoons of Coral Food per 100 liters. Dispense in a tank or directly on a particular coral. For best results, mix together Oceanlife Amin Extra Powder.

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