Aqua Ocean Aragonite Substrate

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Aqua Ocean Natural Coral Sand is taken from the pollution-free island in south sea of China, no phosphate, nitrate and surface contaminants, clean and no-pollution. The main content of coral sand is calcium carbonate which can be conducive to the stability in seawater pH value.

It is natural porous and suited to be as bottom sand filter in aquarium tank owing to its big surface area, it can simulate river bed and sea beach in addition it can grow beneficial bacteria as well.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides a natural sand bed which enhances nitrification and denitrification facilitated by beneficial bacteria and other sand bed microbes
  • Helps achieve a natural biological balance in aquariums
  • Provides enhancing buffering capacity, diminishing any pH fluctuation
  • 100% Coral Sand

Suitable for: Marine and Rift Lake Cichlid


Grain size:1mm,2mm.3mm

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