Crash Aquatic Planted Seeds

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Size: A - Mini Cow Hair Grass
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  • Easy to plant & maintain,easy to care for and the seeds grow quickly.
  • No need for CO2 or strong light.
  • Live plants create a natural ecosystem for your fish.
  • 10G Aquatic Plant Seeds are the perfect aquarium plant for beginners. 
1) Place soil on the bottom of the tank and add water until the soil is soaked.
2) Sprinkle seeds evenly all over the soil.
3) Sprinkle a layer of soil covering the seeds to avoid the seeds floating up ( the shallower the soil, the faster the seeds grow) please ensure the seeds do not float up.
4) Ambient temperature should be around 25℃.
5) Spray water once a day to keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate and start to grow.
6) Now you can fill your tank with water.

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