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FISH&SHRIMP SET DUO is a large modern aquarium for shrimp and small fish. It is a perfect choice for creating unique underwater interiors. The aquarium is fully equipped: it features an advanced 2-in-1 LEDDY SLIM DUO lamp, an efficient hang-on filter, an automatic heater, and a cover glass. Ideal for the keeping of crustaceans, fighting fish, and other small species of aquarium fish. Made in Poland. 49L

AQUAEL SHRIMP SET SMART DUO is a new addition to the existing SHRIMP SET range of products offered by AQUAEL. The set includes a modern cube-like tank glued with transparent silicone, with the dimensions of 35x35x40 cm (49 l capacity). The tank is supplied with a glass cover with a special cut-out for the installation of a canister filter. The glass cover is equipped with the SMART OPEN system: when lifted, the cover hooks onto the edge of the rear wall and stays in an upright position. The set also includes a sponge mat to protect the bottom of the tank.

The lighting unit employed in the SHRIMP SET SMART DUO is the versatile LEDDY SLIM DUO SUNNY & PLANT double lamp that can be fixed onto the edge of one of the tank walls. The lamp contains two rows of LEDs with a total power of 10 W (2x5 W). Half of them are SUNNY LEDs, emitting light that is similar to natural sunlight (colour temperature of 6500 K), and the other half are PLANT LEDs, designed especially for plants (colour temperature of 8000 K). The lamp provides a comprehensive illumination of an aquarium tank without distorting the natural colours of its interior. The light emitted by the lamp provides favourable conditions for a rapid growth of plants. Apart from a unique decorative effect, the use of the lamp means significant savings due to lower energy bills (the lamp consumes very little power) and to the fact that there is no need for frequent replacement.

Water filtration is performed by the advanced high-capacity (up to 1200 l/h) VERSAMAX-3 filter. Thanks to smooth performance adjustment, the intensity of water filtration can be adjusted to the needs of a particular tank. The set also includes an automatic heater to maintain constant water temperature.

SHRIMP SET SMART DUO is ideal for creating shrimp tanks and small plant aquariums as well as for keeping small fish. Due to its stylish design, it will fit perfectly into any modern interior, creating a unique decorative effect.  


About Aquael:

Aquael is a company in Poland that is well established and appreciated around the world - for the last 34 years offering it's users modern devices and accessories for aquara and garden ponds. It's history dates back to autumn 1984 when it was created as a tiny one-person workshop founded by its current owner - Janusz Jankiewicz. Throughout the years the company has gone a long way to its current position with two production plants of over 25 000 m2 total surface area, employing over 500 workers and using the most modern production technologies. Watch the video below to see how their products are manufactured and how much passion they put in each project to satisfy every pet owner. 


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