Aquael Klarpressure UV 8000 Pond Filter

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The pressure filter KLARPRESURE UV is used for comprehensive treatment of water in water reservoirs with a capacity of up to 8000 litres.The filter provides three-stage filtration. In addition to mechanical and biological filtration, it sterilises water using the UVC 11W lamp. The maximum flow rate is 4000 l/h.

Contents of Standard Package

The standard package of the KLARPRESURE UV pressure filter includes 3 sponge cartridges, one cartridge for biological filtration, and a UV-C 11W sterilizer, which prevents water blooming, and fights algae and dangerous parasites.


Once inside the KLARPRESSURE UV filter, water passes through 3 layers of sponge, which removes solid impurities. Next, it is subjected to biological filtration. On the exit from the filter, the water is sterilized.

The innovative technological solutions employed in the KLARPRESURE UV filter facilitate its maintenance and cleaning. The REVERSECLEAN functionality consists in the self-cleaning of filter media. The filter lid contains an additional outlet port. In order to make use of the automatic cleaning function, attach the outlet hose to this extra port and then put the knob on top of the filter in the CLEAN position. This will result in the reversal of the water flow through the filter media, rinsing out all the impurities accumulated in the filter.

The impurities are discharged with the water through the hose attached to the extra outlet port. The discharged water can be used to water lawns or flowerbeds, as natural organic pollutants constitute an excellent fertiliser.

The REVERSECLEAN automatic filter-cleaning functionality will keep the filter clean throughout the whole season without the need to open and clean the device in the usual way.

The BY-PASS functionality allows you to open the filter for maintenance (e.g. to change filter cartridges) without having to shut down the pump. After the knob on top of the filter is put in the “by-pass” position, the openings at the bottom of the lid will be closed, and water will flow through the lid only, bypassing the interior of the filter. Then you can unfasten the lid and easily replace the filter media.

Filter Media:

The KLARPRESURE UV pressure filter is supplied with phenol-free sponge and layered polystyrene balls.

The phenol-free sponge is used for mechanical filtration. In addition, it constitutes a particularly favourable environment for the development of bacterial cultures responsible for the removal of biological pollutants from the reservoir.

The polystyrene balls have special ribbings and orifices. Their action is based on the differentiation of aerobic conditions for biochemical processes. On the outer surface of the balls, the aerobic conditions are favourable for the oxidation of organic compounds.

The total capacity of the filter media supplied with the KLARPRESSURE UV pressure filter is 20 litres.


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