Aquael Unimax Cansiter Filters

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Aquael UNIMAX filters are designed for the filtration and aeration of water in freshwater or marine aquariums. High-performance pumps and large filtering capacity, combined with reliable design, will guarantee ideal water parameters in the tank.
Components of Package

Thoroughly selected filter media for mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration are placed in three filter baskets. The high capacity of UNIMAX filter cartridges ensures long-lasting high-performance filtration in aquariums with the capacity of up to 700l.

Every UNIMAX filter is equipped with a sprinkler to increase the area of contact between the water surface and the air for better aeration. During operation, the air is automatically removed from the filter. UNIMAX filters offer maximum comfort, since they have an inbuilt self-priming mechanism designed to automatically fill the filter with water, eliminating the hassle you might experience when filling the filter manually. The main gaskets between the containers and the lid are made of special silicone to guarantee maximal tightness of the device. UNIMAX filters boast low power consumption and high filtration efficiency, relative to the recommended capacity.

The four hoses in the UNIMAX 500 and 700 models ensure constant water circulation and eliminate dead zones. In these models, additional circulation pumps are used to guarantee high performance while maintaining exceptionally quiet operation. The integrated easy-to-operate shut-off valve is used to disconnect the inlet hoses when changing water or cleaning the filter.

Additionally, UNIMAX filters can be equipped with AQUAEL AS UV sterilizers. The sterilizers emit UV-C rays that have an antibacterial effect and prevent the growth of algae. The application of UV-C sterilisers significantly increases the efficiency of water purification. Note that the standard filter package does not include a steriliser. For the UNIMAX 150 model, use the 5W UV-C sterilizer; for the UNIMAX 250 and 500 models, use the 9W UV-C sterilizer, and for the UNIMAX 700 model, use the 11W UV-C sterilizer.

Mode Of Functioning

The advanced design and technological solutions employed in the filter guarantee effective mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. The built-in pump ensures constant circulation of water. As the water flows through consecutive filtering media, it undergoes continuous purification, which results in a healthier living environment for the fish. Water clarity is maintained at an excellent level for a very long time.

Filter Media

The standard set of filter cartridges supplied with UNIMAX filters includes:
  • BioCeraMAX Pro 600, designed for the biological filtration of water in freshwater and marine aquariums. It is formed by rollers made of a porous ceramic material. BioCeraMAX Pro 600 ensures a very high filtering capacity – up to 600m2;
  • ZeoMAX Plus, designed for the chemical filtration of aquarium water. It is in the form of special grit made of carefully selected zeolite to ensure an exceptionally high sorption capacity.
In addition, the UNIMAX 500 and 750 models include SpikeBalls Mini bio-balls. Thanks to special apertures and protrusions, the surface of biological filtration is increased, and the balls serve as an excellent substrate for nitrifying bacteria.

MarinePure & Poly-Filter

To increase the biological capacity of your aquarium and to reduce maintenance, we recommend using MarinePure and Poly-Filter media in one or two of the baskets.

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