Aquael Waterlight LED Plus

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Garden pond lamp:
  • submersible or above water use
  • LED lights for long-life performance
  • perfect for underwater illumination four coloured light filters (yellow, red, green, blue)
  • Modern pond light that employs the energy-efficient LED technology.

Aquael WATERLIGHT LED PLUS is designed as a classic reflector; however, instead of the regular light bulb, it features a high-performance LED bulb. This results in a significant reduction in heat emission, so the device does not get too hot when in operation.

As a consequence – in contrast to many other similar products available – it can be used both under and above the water surface. Although the device consumes just about 5W of electric power, the brightness of the light it emits is comparable to that emitted by a regular 20-Watt bulb. The set includes four colour filters (yellow, green, blue, and red) that can be used to create various lighting effects in or around the pond.

The light can be easily set up on the bottom of the pond thanks to a solid and stable magnetic base. The base also allows the light to be fastened to metal elements in the pond or in the garden. The 10-metre power cord gives you ample flexibility in choosing where to install the pond light.

The low (12V) operating voltage of the device guarantees the safety of animals inhabiting the pond as well as humans who might use the pond.

WATERLIGHT PLUS LED is ideal for any garden pond with a capacity ranging from several hundred up to several thousand litres. It combines modernity and durability with low maintenance costs. The after-dusk illumination of the pond water will provide unique decorative effects.

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