Bubble Magnus Dosage Pumps TS1 And TS2

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Size: TS-1
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Bubble Magus TS1 Single Dosing Pump 

Bubble Magus has been producing fine dosing components, and is a staple in the reef aquarium hobby. Their newest dosing pump system incorporates the TS1 and TS2 making them one of the easiest dosing pump systems to utilize and program. Dosing anywhere from 1-999mL per day, the TS1 will hook up directly to the TS2 allowing two different solutions to be dispensed

 Bubble Magus TS2 Slave Single Dosing Pump

Bubble Magus Single Dosing Pump TS2 Add On, ** THIS UNIT ONLY WORK WITH TS1 **

  • Unit will dose from 1ml up to 999ml per day.
  • Unit already pre-programmed below.
  • 1-11ml cdose 1 time per day
  • 12-23ml dose 2 times per day
  • 24-35ml dose 4 times per day
  • 36-47ml dose 6 times per day
  • 48-59ml dose 8 times per day
  • 60-71ml dose 10 times per day
  • 72-143ml dose 12 times per day
  • 144-999ml dose 24 times per day



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