Nomoy Matt Ceramic Lamp ND-02

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Frosted ceramic lamp

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25W, 50W, 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W optionals, to meet different temperature requirements.
It only spread the heat has no shine, will not affect the reptile's sleep.
Aluminium alloy lamp holder, more durable.
Waterproof design suitable for wet environment (do not put directly into water).
High temperature firing, surface frosted treatment,  increases 1 times the service life than normal bulbs .


This ceramic heater is a source of thermal radiation that produces a thermal radiation similar to natural sunlight. The long-wave infrared thermal radiation produced rapidly increases and maintains the temperature in the breeding cage. Widely applicable to snakes, turtles, frogs and so on.

Emits natural infrared heat, does not emit light.

It doesn't break the normal day and night shift.

Be careful when using the lamp, don't touch the bulb to avoid get hurt.

If you need to change the bulb, please cut off the power and wait a while.

The ceramic lamp is a thermal radio source that can simulate natural sunlight.

Lifespan is about 20000 hours, especially designed for high humidity breeding environment.

Infrared heat  radio source can increase and keep the temperature in the breeding cage, makes the reptile feel warm.

Infrared heat can penetrate skin tissue and dilate blood vessels,promote blood circulation, enhance health and speed recovery.

Innovative fabrication techniques to reduce internal heat retention and carbonization.

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