Hailea Wet/Dry Pumps

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Size: HX-6510
Sale priceR 645.00
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High Quality Ceramic Shaft.

Ceramic bearing ensures continuous operation.

All electrical parts are fully encapsulated in resin.

Thermal overload switch protection.

Ideal for larger features; fountains; rockeries; or waterfalls.

Pre-filter is used for primary filtration, efficient and easy to disassemble and assemble.



HX-6510 (720l/h 1.2m 9w) - 
HX-6520 (1,400l/h 1.6m 18.5w) - 
HX-6530 (2,600l/h 2.5m 39w) - 
HX-6540 (3,800l/h 3.0m 73w) - 
HX-6550 (7,000l/h 4.8m 175w) -

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