Juwel Poster 1

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Size: S - 60 x 30cm
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Poster 1

JUWEL Posters are printed on both sides and offer a simple and highly effective background design for your aquarium, with attractive themes.

Available sizes:

S   -   60 x 30 cm 
L   -   80 x 50 cm bis 100 x 50cm 
XL - 120 x 60 cm bis 150 x 60cm 

Poster 1

With its underwater landscape on the front and rock theme on the back, Poster 1 gives you two attractive themes so that you can design your aquarium as you wish.

The waterproof film is simply applied to the back of your aquarium. For a particularly light, three-dimensional effect, we recommend fixing with JUWEL Poster Fix.



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