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It is completely natural for cats to use a litter box, so it is not at all challenging to teach them to use it as it is instinctive behaviour. This definitely makes us cat owners’ lives so much more convenient. Cats prefer to have a little privacy when doing their business, so this Rosetta Cat Litter Box will be the perfect option as it is a closed litter box made from top-quality plastic materials. The fact that it is closed also assists in keeping the environment from revolting odours, so everyone in the household can relax and breathe in the fresh air around them. The Rosetta Cat Litter Box’s top cover is clipped to the base of the litter box so it is effortless to clean as you can simply unclip it, take the cover off and clean the litter box. Simple as that. It also has a flap to make it easy for your cat to enter and exit. You will not regret having a Rosetta Cat Litter Box, and your cat will be appreciative. Don’t be surprised if your cat rubs themselves against you more than usual to show you how thankful they are. The litter box is also suitable for large breed cats such as Maine Coons.

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