Montego Wuma Adult - 8kg

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Complete and balanced WUMA! ADULT is formulated to keep dogs of all breeds and sizes, with regular activity levels, in optimal condition. Every nutritious serving contains beef and chicken as the protein source, essential vitamins and minerals, as well as balanced omega fatty acids to ensure your dog’s health, vitality and well-being at the peak of their physical development. Benefits Essential Linoleic acid increases the skin’s absorbency, helping to cultivate a smooth, shiny coat and healthy, supple skin Calcium is vital to the development and support of healthy teeth and bones Insoluble fibres move through the bowel, helping to cleanse the digestive system, promoting overall health Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals support the immune system for sustained health and vitality Ingredients Corn*, wheat bran, bovine meal, chicken meal, canola meal, animal fat, vegetable oils, salt, minerals and vitamins

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