Natural Colour Planted Soil

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Size: 1.2mm 5kg
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Natural Color Soil/Substrate
Product Code: xf20702 a
This ceramic soil, ground ground is perfect for aquarium plants, tropical aquariums. Plant roots easily penetrate and spread into the soil.
Size: 2-4
mm Color: Volcanic
Black Material: Ceramic
Aquarium Ground Aquarium Plants
Good Water and Air Penetrability
Large Substrate Gravel for
Aquarium Delivery in 5 kg
General Guidelines for 5.1 cm Substrate/Gravel Depth
60 cm/2 ft Tank = 25 kg
8 0 cm/2.6 ft tank = 30 kg
100 cm/3.3 ft tank = 35 kg
120 cm 4 ft tank = 40 kg
These are approximates and of course you may wish for a deep or thin layer of substrate/gravel.

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