Neptune Probe Optical Leak Detection

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Neptune Systems Optical Leak Detection Probe for solid surfaces

Neptune's LD-3 Multi-Surface Optical Leak Sensor is a significant improvement over its analog counterpart, the LD-2 Solid Surface Leak Detection Probe. While the LD-2 uses conductive strips to detect liquid leaks on surfaces around your aquarium, the LD-3 uses optical sensing technology. This change in sensor technology gives the LD-3 two distinct advantages over the LD-2:

  • Reusable and resistant to corrosion. The LD-3 sensor can be reused after contact with water. Unlike the LD-2's conductive strips, which are prone to corrosion from contact with salt water, the LD-3's epoxy-coated optical sensors can provide long-term leak detection even after repeated contact with salt water without risk of corrosion !
  • Multi-surface applications without false alarms. The LD-2's conductive strips can sometimes give a false alarm when placed on metal surfaces. With its optical sensor, the LD-3 can be used effectively on any type of surface, including metal and epoxy cement, without the risk of false alarms.


  • Optical sensor technology
  • More reliable than analog counterparts
  • Epoxy coating and corrosion resistant
  • Does not react to metal surfaces - no more false alarms
  • Connect to FMM port for communication with Neptune Apex controllers

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