NT Labs Koi Care - Permanganate

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NT Labs Permanganate is an excellent bath treatment for ulcers, parasites and all infections. Also for general cleaning of pond water, reduces chemical oxygen demand.

NT Labs Potassium Permanganate solution is powerful antiseptic and anti-parasitic agent. It can be used either as an impressive bath treatment at 2 ppm (10-12 hour immersion) or as a 10 ppm 30 minute dip.

NT Labs Permanganate is also used as a swab to clean ulcers, Argulus - (fish lice) and Lernea (anchor worm).

A 1 ppm dosage in the pond helps to clean water and remove the organic waste loading of stale waters, boosting oxygen availability.

NT Labs Permanganate 250 ml treats 5,000 litres (1100 gallons)

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