Oceanlife Overflow 40/25

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Size: 40-25
Sale priceR 3,800.00
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With its extremely compact size and attractive design, the Oceanlife Overflow System fits seamlessly into the tank, leaving full space to the inhabitants, without resorting to the use of unsightly overflow columns. For a given size of the tank, the animals will enjoy much more space and the tank will appear much more natural and pleasant. It is natively suitable for glasses from 8 to 20 mm without needs of changes.

The pipes are in the back of the tank, facilitating maintenance and cleaning. The cleaning is very simple, just turn and remove the front grille, which can then be cleaned with ease and without having to stop the return pump. 
Available with 40mm or 50mm drain, it can also be purchased in packages with separate drain and 25mm return versions.

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