Natural Color Quartz Bio-Ring - XF30101A

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Aquarium Quartz Bio-Rings in Netted Bag

Quartz Bio-Rings are a highly effective long-lasting filtering material of a pure biological nature. They provide a favourable habit for degradative bacteria and other favourable microorganisms and doesn't require frequent cleaning. Its surface area is large enough for excellent water flow. In Addition, the filtering rings provide fish with an excellent habitat in both fresh and salt water aquariums by reducing the risk of aquatic disease.

Natural Color series aquarium filter media are one of the best products for aquarium filter media for use in aquariums. They have a strong biochemical power and will provide an effective filter for all aquariums.

Use for quickly removing harmful NO2 / NO3 etc

Special shape and size to ensure good water flow and distribution in the filter media

Processing through high temperature treatment technology

Once in the attainment of large beneficial bacteria culture aquatic aquarium water condition would be rejuvenated

Able to provide better results and have longer effective lifespan compared to similar products

Very effectively breaks up impure substances therefor making the fish and plants healthier

Media comes complete with a netted bag


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