Red Sea MCP Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit

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Red Sea Nitrite/Nitrate Pro Kit (NO2 - 60 Tests/NO3 - 100 Tests)

The Red Sea Nitrate and Nitrite test allows you to test the nitrate and nitrite levels within your marine aquarium, making the water just right for your fish and inverts.

This high-quality kit is aimed specifically at marine fish keepers and reef aquarium owners and includes two bottles of reagent, a syringe and a glass vial. The kit measures the total nitrate and nitrite for marine aquariums for effective water quality management.

To help you easily understand the results there's also a useful instructive guide and an easy to read color chart so you can be more confident in the results and how to respond to them.

The Nitrate Cycle: Ammonia, produced by fish as a waste product is oxidized by aerobic bacteria in the biological filter: first to Nitrite (NO2-) and further to Nitrate (NO3-). In nature a complete nitrogen cycle exists, where plants utilize Nitrate as a food source, thus maintaining the very low Nitrate level found in unpolluted water. In the aquarium we create a one way system rather than a nutrient cycle.

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