Mpets Uritest Training Pads 15pc

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60 x 60 cm

Unique URITEST pads destined to provide quick diagnosis of disorders and diseases of the urinary tract.  Provides information of blood (WBC & BLD), urine specific gravity (SG), protein (PRO), pH-value and glucose (GLU) concentration in your pet's urine.

  • 60 second testing
  • easy to use
  • recommended by veterinarians
  • on-the-spot 6 test results
  • ideal for aging and overweight dogs
  • non-invasive
  • stress-free


  1. WBC (blood)
  2. SG (urine gravity)
  3. PRO (Protein)
  4. pH (ph-levels)
  5. BLD (blood)
  6. GLU (glucose concentration)

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