RO 400gGPD Booster Pump

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Advanced booster pump, which is produced for 400 GPD RO systems. This pump is designed to function with most standard unpumped RO systems. Supplied with 1/4″ push-fit pipe fittings. As you may be aware, that RO water filter output is dependant upon good water pressure and water temperature. Here in the UK, the tap water temperature is quite stable, but the mains water pressure can vary from a low 20 to a high 80 psi (1.5 – 5.5 bar). Most RO systems do require 50 psi to operate well. If you have an RO system and the output is extremely low, you may need a booster pump. Booster pumps will dramatically improve the amount of water produced by your RO water filter. As a rule of thumb, if you can provide the right pressure and volume of water for your system, you should be able to achieve approximately 50 to 60% of the rated membrane output. Membranes are tested at 23 ºC, and for each ºC below this temperature, you lose around 4% output. Many sellers on the internet state one of their pumps will ensure you get the stated output from the membrane, although they do not consider the real-world technicalities of the product. We would rather provide you with the information that we know to be accurate.

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