Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Junior Puppy Food 1.5kg

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The Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Junior Puppy Food is designed exclusively for pure breed Yorkshire Terrier puppies from 8 weeks to 10 months. Your energetic and loyal pup deserves the best nutrition during this time of big changes, discoveries and new encounters!

Key Benefits:

  • Immune System Support - Premium formula designed to support your puppy’s natural defences during this essential growth stage.
  • Digestive Health -  Supports digestion and healthy balance of intestinal flora, contributing to good stool quality.
  • Coat Health - Contains nutrients that help to provide the nourishment needed to maintain the good health of your Yorkie's long coat.
  • Dental Health - Reduce tartar formation thanks to calcium chelators.
  • Exclusive Kibble Design - Exclusive tailor-made kibble is adapted to the Yorkshire Terriers's small jaw. 

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