Shovelnose Catfish 6-7cm

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The tiger shovelnose catfish (Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum) originates from the waters of South America. You can typically find them in the deepest areas of large rivers where they have the room to move freely and find food to each (primarily other fish).

These fish tend to like locations that are a bit shadier. There will often be a significant amount of vegetation present in these waters, and it’s common to find them in flooded forests for this reason as well.

The tiger shovelnose uses its barbels to navigate in the dark and murky waters they occupy. This helps them understand not only where they’re going, but where their prey happens to be.

Due to their size and taste, these fish are sought after by local fishermen.


The lifespan of a shovelnose catfish can range anywhere from 18-25 years. This range can be significantly impacted by genetic factors and the quality of care they receive in captivity.

It’s uncommon for these fish to hit the upper limits of that lifespan in captivity. This isn’t unusual for large freshwater fish, but you should be aware of it before getting one.


The appearance of tiger shovelnose catfish is what makes them stand out so much in the first place.

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