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Repti-Shed aids in removing dry sheds from your snakes and lizards. It can also assist with the removal of stuck eye caps, tail tips and toe sheds. 


Directions for use:

Repti-Shed is an easy-to-use liquid spray that aids in removing dry/stuck sheds from your snake or lizard. Repti-Shed helps to lubricate, soften and moisturise stuck sheds, which allows for easier removal. 


Spray Repti-Shed lightly onto the area of stuck shed and gently wipe and massage it onto the skin. The next day, if the shed is still stuck, repeat the process. Wait 30 minutes and gently peel and push off any stubborn sheds. 


In bad cases, spray your reptile with Repti-Shed and place your reptile in a container with a shallow amount of luke warm water and let your reptile soak for a few hours to further soften and loosen the stuck shed. 


Always check humidity and temperature levels in your reptile enclosure and adjust if necessary



Stuck or dry shed, also known as dysecdysis, is most often related to incorrect environmental conditions, such as low humidity levels, cool temperatures or incorrect substrate or cage furnishing that they can rub against to initiate a shed. If your reptile is experiencing stuck sheds, double check the specific environmental needs of that species and make the necessary changes. 


At times, even when everything is right, there might be some individual reptiles that have trouble shedding and that is when Repti-Shed can be used to help them with each shed.

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