Ultrazap Pond UV Sterilizers

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 The table below provides a guide to which UV you should be using in your pond.  The stocking rate of your pond should be taken into account when making your decision which UV light to purchase.  A bank of UV’s either in series or parallel can be installed on larger ponds.

Installing the tube on a Pond range UV


Follow the below steps to install the tube

  • Unscrew the blue nuts and remove the O-rings
  • Gently insert the tube into the UV unit.
  • Fit the o-rings to the outside of each end of the tube.
  • Screw the blue nuts onto the ends until it fits snug onto the o-ring whilst ensuring not to over tighten the tube.
  • Connect the tube connectors to the ends of the tube and fit the clear PVC covers onto to blue nuts.


Replacing the tube after use


  • Disconnect the unit from the power supply
  • Remove the UV from the system / manifold and drain all the water
  • Remove the clear end caps and gently pull the electrical connectors off the ends of the tube.
  • Unscrew the blue nuts and remove the o’rings
  • Gently remove the tube from the Unit aand wipe any debris from the ends of the Unit.
  • Gently insert the new tube into the unit and re-fit the o-rings or fit new o-rings if perished
  • Screw the blue nuts back on ensuring a snug fit onto the o-rings without over tightening.
  • Fit the tube connectors to the ends of th tube and cover with the clear PVC caps
  • Re-install the UV to the system and check for leaks and tighten the blue nuts where necessary.

Installing UV sterilisers to a manifold


  • Follow the below steps to install the UV’s to a manifold.
  • On a 4 way manifold you will need 2 manifolds and 4 UV’s
  • Line the 4 UV’s up next to each other and place a manifold at each end.
  • Insure that the O-rings are in place inside the half unions on each manifold
  • Once certain that none are missing begin fitting each manifold to the respective end of the UV’s
  • Effectively you will now have 1 inlet and 1 outlet with the four UV’s in between
  • Please note that the complete unit must be installed with the lids of the electrical boxes facing skywards.
  • For 55W pond UV’s the effective maximum flow rate is 1200L/min
  • For 55W professional UV’s the effective maximum flow rate is 600L/min




U.V. light can be harmful to your eyes or skin. NEVER operate a tube outside the unit. A blue glow will be seen through the clear end caps and the will confirm the tube is on, the U.V. content of this light is not harmful and the unit is completely safe in normal use.

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