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Westerman’s Fruit Feeder is ideal if you are looking to attract a wide variety of wild birds to your bird feeding station. 

Westerman’s Fruit Feeder is complete with a spike in the middle to safely secure fruits and the metal stature can securely hold two pigeon-sized birds at once.

Simply hang the garden bird feeder outside on a stable tree trunk and secure fruits such as apples or oranges on the spike and watch as different wild bird species flock to your garden.

Westerman’s Fruit Feeder is a great alternative to simply offering ordinary Bird Food such as seeds and maize and the variety will ensure that different birds are constantly drawn to your bird feeding stations.

Make sure to regularly replace old foods with new ones and clean the fruit feeder to ensure that the birds that visit your garden are not exposed to any toxicities.

Weight 2 kg
Shipping dimensions 31 × 14 × 14.5 cm





Volumetric weight 1.26 kg



  • Attracts a wide variety of wild birds to your garden
  • A spike in the middle to securely hold fruit
  • Holds two large birds at a time or many small ones


When adding the fruit, please be careful as the spike is sharp and will injure you.

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