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The Westerman’s Tropical Parrot Food is ideal for Tropical Parrots and contains a variety of bird foods that is suitable for an everyday parrot diet.

This mixture of ingredients that are high in energy and natural fats are ideal for an everyday Tropical Parrot Diet.

Red Sorghum, Striped Sunflower Seeds and Yellow Maize are known to contain high amounts of protein, minerals and are high in fibre which are all essential in making sure your parrot has the right nutrients to stay fuller for longer and grow stronger and healthier bones.

The Tropical Parrot Food can either be given as a full meal or as nibbly treats as it contains parrot biscuits and unshelled nuts, ingredients that are the base of the best parrot foods and best treats for parrots.



  • High in energy
  • Natural source of fats
  • High levels of protein, minerals and fibre


Striped Sunflower; Red Sorghum; Yellow Maize; Parrot Biscuits; Oats; Unshelled Peanuts; White Sunflower; Chillies; Popcorn

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