Marltons Ball Launcher

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Marltons Ball Launcher

The Marltons Ball Launcher is just the thing to get your potato couch pets in shape for summer.  The launcher comes with a strong ball that resembles a tennis ball.  All you have to do, is find a nice open area and launch the ball.  Using the launcher, you can throw the ball quite a fair distance.  My dogs are all ball crazy and they love that they can really get a good run at the ball.  It also saves my arm from getting sore! 

The Marltons Ball Launcher is made of a strong plastic handle (the launcher) which is  49cm long. The head of the launcher takes any ball that is similar in size to a tennis ball.

There is nothing more joyful, than seeing your dogs enjoy themselves.  Playing and running are great and also necessary activities for your dogs to partake in. It is not always physically possible for us to keep up with them, and a Marltons Ball Launcher will ensure that your dog gets to run a respectable distance.

Some things to consider when using the Ball Launcher:

  • Always check out the area where you intend to let the dogs run for any dangerous objects like broken glass or holes.  Running fast, they will not see this and might injure themselves
  • A sports field with lawn or the beech is best suited for this 
  • Never let your dogs run on a tar road, paving or concrete when using the launcher – this will certainly damage their paws 
  • Using the Ball Launcher means dogs will be running good distances – always ensure you have enough drinking water available for them
  • Let them cool down in between sessions and don’t overdo it.  
  • Don’t let them run in the heat of the day
  • Let the dogs warm up first, before you suddenly launch the ball – as with humans, dogs can also hurt muscles and tendons when they have not warmed up. 
  • Remove any clothing your dogs might be wearing and also leashes before using the Ball Launcher

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